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What is a Rock Saw Excavator Attachment?

A rock saw is an excavator attachment that can be used in a variety of contexts and on serval different residential, commercial and industrial projects. A rock saw excavator attachment is used for cutting rock, stone formations, concrete, brick walls, wood and road cutting. What helps a rock saw cut such tough materials is the high-powered rotation of the saw blade which is accurate and efficient. There are different types of rock saw sizes depending on the project at hand, but they are mostly used on projects such as demolitions, trenching, mining, forestry, roadworks, excavations, construction and quarrying.

Water carts are specially designed trucks that can transport, distribute, discharge and load water in a precise manner. They can carry various capacities of water even up to 20,000 litres for long distances depending on a project’s needs. Water carts have several nozzles coupled with mechanics to spray water precisely where is it needed. Water trucks are used in a variety of sectors from civil construction to residential, commercial, rail and mining. Water carts are used for road construction and irrigation, dust control, removing overburden and potable water delivery. They’re also used for soil compaction, environmental rehabilitation, keeping aggregate damp and can even be used for fire prevention.

What does a Water Cart do?

What does a Rock Hammer do?

A rock hammer sometimes referred to as a hydraulic hammer or rock breaker, is a powerful tool that is attached to plant equipment such as an excavator. Rock hammers are used to speed up a project that needs large amounts of concrete, rock, stone or hard material broken into smaller, more manageable pieces. The percussion hammer is generally fitted to an excavator and is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system. A rock hammer excavator attachment can be used for manipulating and breaking up rock, stone formations, concrete, brick and wood for different types of projects from demolitions, to excavations, rock works, construction and mining.


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