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In Kirawee, Sydney, at Total Dry Hire, we have expanded our rental range of excavator attachments in recent years, always making sure we have the best quality excavator attachments possible available for hire in the regions of Campbelltown, Cronulla, Parramatta and Australia wide. A crucial part of our attachment hire range is our selection of rock saw attachments.

Rock saw excavator attachments work through the high-powered rotation of the saw blade. Depending on the type of rock saw, and the size of the rock saw, they can be used for cutting rock and stone formations, concrete, brick walls, wood or road cutting. This attachment hire is used in a variety of contexts, from demolition, excavation, constructions, trenching, forestry, road-works and quarrying.

Kobelco SK210

Our rock saw attachment hire range

Total Dry Hire has Austramac Flashcut rock saws ranging from 1.5 tonne – 35 tonne for hire. Austramac are leading suppliers of diamond rock saws in Australia, with a strong focus on research and development. Austramac Flashcut rock saws are renowned for their quality, durability and versatility.

At Total Dry Hire, we have a no-nonsense attitude: we focus on providing high quality, safe, modern and reliable equipment, without fuss or fanfare. We understand that safety is always of paramount importance. A rock saw is a powerful piece of equipment, so it is important that it is safe, high-quality and reliable. This means that at Total Dry Hire, we only buy the best machinery. We keep all of our rental equipment consisting of excavator attachments well maintained, and we regularly update and replace our fleet. We ensure our attachment hire machinery is maintained to the highest safety specifications (and provide documentation to that effect) so you can be sure you are always getting the safest option.

All of our equipment is also rail specification and mine specification approved. This means our equipment is ready for work on almost any site in Sydney including the regions of Kirrawee, Campbelltown, Cronulla, Parramatta as well as the rest of Australia. At Total Dry Hire, you can be sure you are getting a rock-saw that is modern, in great nick, and ready to go.

At Total Dry Hire, any of our excavator attachment for hire including rock saws can be floated Australia-wide to your next project. If you need to hire out a rock saw attachment along with our excavation equipment, we have locations in Kirrawee, Campbelltown, Cronulla and Parramatta and we can service anywhere in Sydney (and up to 150km from Sydney for long-term projects).

Kobelco SK35 with rocksaw


Need further information about hiring one of our rock saw excavator attachments? Contact our team today by phoning 0403 772 091. Alternatively, visit our contact page to make an online enquiry for any additional information.
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As a premium quality excavator hire Sydney based organisation, we at Total Dry Hire recognise that every project needs to ensure the highest standards of safety while maintaining efficiency and low production costs.

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