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In recent years, in response to increasing demand from our customers in Sydney in the areas of in Kirrawee, Campbelltown, Cronulla and Parramatta, Total Dry Hire has expanded our range to include an excavator attachment rental service. Our range includes rock hammer and rock saw attachments. Whatever your excavation or earthmoving project, we’re sure to have an excavator attachment hire that can meet your individual requirements.

Every project strives to balance safety, efficiency and low production costs. Excavator attachments help achieve this by increasing the versatility and productivity that can be achieved by a single machine. Rock hammers are, as their names suggest, essentially demolition tools for breaking up rock, stone or concrete. They are used in a variety of jobs including road-works, trenching, landscaping and building renovations.

Our attachment hire such as a rock saw is used for cutting rock and stone formations and are used in a range of demolition, construction, quarrying and trenching jobs all over Sydney, in the suburbs of Kirrawee, Campbelltown, Cronulla and Parramatta. So, whatever the earthmoving or excavation project in Australia, large or small, we are sure to have the tools you need.

Kobelco SK135 offsett boom



Our rock saw are suited for a variety of contexts, from demolition, excavation, constructions, trenching, forestry, road-works and quarrying.

Our rock hammers consists of percussion hammers powered by its auxiliary hydraulic system. These are used for breaking up rock, stone and concrete.

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Our rental range of excavator attachments consists of Montabert XL 1700, XL 1000, SC08, SC28, SC36, XL1000, 501, XL1700, XL2600, V32, V45 Hydraulic rock hammers and Austramac Flashcut rock saws 1.5 tonne – 35 tonne.

At Total Dry Hire, we have a pragmatic and no-nonsense attitude; we understand that for any project, you need safe, high-quality equipment that you can trust. As with all of our equipment and machinery, at Total Dry Hire, we pride ourselves on the quality, reliability and safety of our attachment hire service. The best excavator attachments are operator friendly, efficient and reliable, so we only buy the best from the brands with a reputation for quality, safety and innovation.

We keep all of our equipment well-maintained and we regularly replace equipment, so you can be sure you are getting excavator attachments that are modern, durable and ready to go. All of our equipment is rail specification and mine specification approved, so it can be used on a variety of sites. Moreover, because safety is always the highest priority, all of our equipment hire machinery and excavator attachment rental are maintained to the highest safety specifications, (we can supply documentation of this to our customers). This means our equipment is site-ready for almost any project, with few or no compliance issues.

Kobelco SK35 with rocksaw
XL1000 1 4 tonne hammer

Total Dry Hire is able to offer our excavator attachment hire service to anywhere in Australia. If you are hiring our excavation equipment along with our attachments, we can service anywhere in Sydney, with locations in Kirrawee, Campbelltown, Cronulla and Parramatta. We can also travel up to 150km from Sydney for long-term projects.

XL1000 1 4 tonne hammer


For all your excavator attachment rental needs, including rock hammers and rock saws, you can depend on Total Dry Hire to provide you with the best quality – at a competitive price. If you are interested in hiring any of our excavator attachments anywhere in Australia, get in touch with us today by phoning 0403 772 091. Alternatively, visit our contact page to make an online enquiry.
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As a premium quality excavator hire Sydney based organisation, we at Total Dry Hire recognise that every project needs to ensure the highest standards of safety while maintaining efficiency and low production costs.

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